Welcome to Reachable College!

We are Reachable Training College a haven of hope to all people in South Africa. With our skills program we empower people to become, the best they possible can be. Our motto is People need People therefore we reach out to others and are here for all.

Our College Specializes in Safety, Health and Security, and is registered with the two controlling boards namely SASSETA & PSIRA in South Africa.
We offer short courses, Short term & Long term courses which are General Certificate, National Certificate and FET Certificate.

Short Courses

Short Term

Long Term


 5 – 15 Days

20 – 113 Days

30 -137 Days

Days = Credits


Skills Programmed

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Health courses
       Ancillary health care level 1
       Community health work level 2
       Community health work level 4
       Social Auxiliary work level 4

Safety & Security
     Apply occupational health,safety and environmental principles
     Conduct evacuations and emrgncy drills
     Carry out basic first aid treatment in the workplace

Perform fire fighting
Dangrous goods

Hospitality studies - food and beverages
      Computerized cashiers - cash ups / floating
       Basic cookery
       Bar tenders
       Office Administration

Computer studies
       Microsoft Office - intermediate
       Microsoft Office - Advance
       Microsoft Office - End user
       Microsoft Office - Applications
       Business management
       Sales and marketing management