Skill Programmed

246694- Explain the requirement For Security service provider       
244176- Use of Security equipment
244177- Conduct Security Patrol in area of responsibility
244179- Handle Complaints and Problems
244181- Perform Handover and takeover responsibilities
244182- Give evidence in Court
244184- Apply legal aspects in security environment
116534- Carry out basic First Aid treatment in the workplace
12484- Perform basic Fire Fighting

Skills Programmed 2

11505-Identify, handle and defuse Security related conflict
113924- Apply basic business ethics in a work environment
114979- Operate a Computer workstation in a business environment
117705- Demonstrate knowledge of the Firearms Control Act 2000
119465- Write/Present/Sign texts for a range of Communication context
242825- Conduct evacuation and emergency drills
244182- Conduct access and egress control

Skills Programmed 3

11508- Write Security reports and take statements
13912- Apply knowledge of self and team in order to develop a plan to enhance team performance
13936- Outline the legal environment of a selected industry
113852- Apply occupational Health, Safety and environmental principles
113909- Coach a team member in order to enhance individual performance in work environment
119472- Accommodate audience and context needs in oral/signed communication
244578- Describe how to manage reactions arising from a traumatic event


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